Jesus Christ, My Living Hope

You know those songs that you can’t stop listening to and you play it over and over again? The songs that you personally connect with and get goosebumps every time you hear it? Well right now, that song for me is “Living Hope” by Bethel Music and I’m always jamming out to it in my car. Here’s a tip from experience though—don’t dance and sing too dramatically at a stop light or you will look up to see that people are recording you… I’m still waiting for the video of me to go viral one day lol.

Anyway, the first time I heard this song, it was in church when the band was singing it. I realized I’d never heard it before and told myself that I’d look it up later and that’s how it started. But then I started paying more attention to the lyrics… I began loving it even more and now I’m at the point where I know every little detail of the song, but because I don’t want this to end up being super long, I’ll spare you from hearing about every little part that I love 🙂

Anyway, the whole song is honestly amazing, but this third verse gets me every time.

“Then came the morning that sealed the promise

Your buried body began to breathe

Out of the silence, the Roaring Lion

Declared the grave has no claim on me

Oh, Jesus, Yours is the victory, oh!”

I love the way they describe the beauty of the Resurrection here. How after Jesus died on the cross for our sins and gave us salvation, He rose from the dead! The chorus then follows…

“Oh, hallelujah, praise the One who set me free

Hallelujah, death has lost its grip on me

You have broken every chain

There’s salvation in Your name

Jesus Christ, my living hope.”

Because Jesus died for us, he spared us from death and gave us eternal life with Him. At a point in time, death held us captive as prisoners, ready to take us at any moment, but then Jesus came. He broke us free and His love and grace for us is truly amazing. He is our savior who gave us our freedom. He is the light in the darkness of our lives.

That being said, everyone goes through tough times and it’s easy to lose hope. We think all of these negative thoughts and are often terrified of what is to come in the future. However, God is always there for us to lean on and will help us in a time of need. He isn’t something that will disappear or only love you conditionally, but Jesus Christ is our living hope who will never break his promise of eternity. ❤


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