It’s Not Just Me with OCD

I was alone with my OCD for many years, never talking about it with anyone since early elementary school until 9th grade when one of my teachers had a feeling I had it and had me meet with another student she knew had gotten help for it. Talking to her had me realize that what I’d been going through for years actually had a name to it. I wasn’t weird or crazy and most importantly, I wasn’t the only one going through these things. I started getting help for it in 11th grade, but it wasn’t until a week or two ago (summer before 12th grade) that I met someone else with OCD, but we didn’t really talk about that part as much. I obviously hate that these people have to go through these things, but it’s nice knowing that I’m not alone.

Anyway, a few days ago, my parents and I decided to go to a local OCD walk and I was really curious of what it was going to be like, but also really anxious. There wasn’t much information on the internet about it and I usually want to know every and all details about everything I’m going to do, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. Anyway, we got there and realized that there were going to be less than 20 people walking and probably less than 30 people including volunteers… We almost turned back because I was hoping I could just blend into the crowd and not have to be noticed, but with that little people, that would be impossible. Turns out, it was the first year doing it where I live, so they were trying it out with a small group at first and even though I started out extremely anxious, it actually was a great opportunity.

Everyone there either had OCD, knew someone or was related to someone who did, or was a therapist. Everyone understood and there was little to no stigma there. We openly discussed our medications, compulsions, and just things about therapy and it wasn’t weird at all. Like in “real life,” there’s just too much stigma to openly talk about it. The best thing though was that everyone got each other and was helping each other out. Especially since there weren’t too many kids and I just started getting help for my OCD this year, a lot of the adults were willing to give me advice from their experiences or even from their own kid’s. And honestly, usually it drives me crazy when people make OCD jokes by using the disorder in the wrong context, but people would make those jokes there and it was genuinely funny. Why? Call me crazy, but it was just the irony of it all—a person with OCD saying it to a whole group of people with OCD…

Anyway, even though I was unsure of it at first, I liked that the group was relatively small. That allowed us to meet other people and relate to them on another level. For once, I felt like I was truly not alone. I think it really helped my parents not feel alone as well because they were able to talk to other parents of kids with OCD and probably got a better understanding of the disorder. Then, after the experience, I posted on my Instagram story, hoping to raise awareness and to let other people who may have it know they’re not alone. And guess what? A few people messaged me about it… I’m so glad I was able to help those few people know they’re not alone—and hopefully more who didn’t contact me. I’ve done talks about it at school as well and I’m just really hoping to help people not wait to get help and to also know that they aren’t alone. Also, if mental health could be talked about as casually as it was at that walk anytime, then that would be beyond amazing.

So yeah, if you are struggling with any type of mental disorder, you are most definitely not alone! Even people you see everyday may be struggling with something similar and you’d never notice. Also, there may be events or support groups in your area that might be good to look into because it really is nice being in a community of people who get you. Apparently they have support groups near me and a lot of the people at the walk go, so I just may do that. Stay strong and just always—ALWAYS—remember that you’re not alone and that are many people who care to talk to you and help you ❤


28 thoughts on “It’s Not Just Me with OCD

  1. I am very happy for you that God is in the picture. I had the same problem since I was a little girl and learned to manage it. It came a time when Jesus came into my life and I realized how much HE had already helped me. Stay strong with your support group and all but, keep trusting in the Lord because He takes your pains from you and you finally one day can see how much of the weight he already has taken away for you.
    I pray you understand what I am trying to say.
    I am proud of you!

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    1. Yes, I have been trying to keep my faith strong throughout everything that has happened. A lot of my OCD actually revolves around being religious like if I don’t do something, then God won’t accept me, but I know now that he will never turn our backs on us and that I don’t have to do the rituals for him to love me. I do understand! Thank you so much for the reply! ❤

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      1. I wanted to talk with you kind of having a little get to know each other individually because I cannot post on your site a comment. Did I miss the reply box? I am “real” you can tell me anyting even email me and I will pray for you to find some help in God’s Strength and wathever you also do to help you.
        I am not a therapist or know much but I have open mind and arms. Love you in Christ Jesus.
        my name is Pat, another one that understands more then many because I had and still have mental and physical trials but I find still Joy often and healing from Jesus. If you ever want to talk, I am here and if you want privacy my email is

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      2. Yeah of course. Somebody else commented the “what” lol. But this is what I said 🙂

        Aww this I’m tearing up just reading this because you’re so nice! You don’t even know me and you care about me❤️❤️
        If you don’t mind, I do have questions about my faith and I think it would help if I email you. Again, only if you don’t mind because I don’t want to bother anyone with my problems lol. But you seem like such a sweet person and you went through a lot of what I am going through (I read some of your posts) and you probably understand more than a lot of people.
But yeah, thanks for these comments. They mean a lot to me ❤

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  2. I forgot to tell you that also my OCD was and a little still is in things like, did I read sufficiently” Did I pray enough? If this is it, God’s Grace is what got me off that big heavy problem. Believe in Grace and you will not be under the Law EVER. Miss you.


    1. Yes, I did have a lot of compulsions that would have to do with religion. If I didn’t say “I love God” 10 times in my head or blink a certain amount of times or pray over and over or pray constantly the same prayer, then my family/friends would die or God wouldn’t accept me or anything along those lines. As a kid, I truly believed those thoughts, but now I know that it’s a part of OCD and that I don’t have to do all of that for Him to be in my heart ❤

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